On-screen text recognition for Live TV Channels

We convert on-screen Captions/Chyron in videos to readable text

TvOcr is a Live TV OCR service that handles thousands of hours of video every month. In the last few years we have optimised our service towards news channels. Using our REST API, you can OCR your video feeds in real time, meaning you can search and tag clips from live events while they are happening. Available in all major public cloud regions to ensure low latency and reduced network costs.

API Integration

Easily integrate with your workflows via the REST api.


Pricing plans suitable for a small startup or a big enterprise.

Flexible Cloud

Use a cloud provider and region of your choice.

Interactive Dashboard

Track, replay, analyse all your requests.


Cloud based autoscaling workloads ensure predictable processing times


Fault tolerant, self healing services running on Kubernetes.